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author ● sojourner ● mother artist

Contemplating the Cross {a lenten gathering}

It’s only February, but already it feels as if the year is half gone. The Lenten season begins this week and sometimes I wonder, why Lent? 

Why focus on the death and misery of the Cross?

Why spend an elongated time confronting our sin?

What is even the point?


It’s time set apart for repentance, where we own our sin and take it to the cross seeking to be freed in the hope of resurrection.

As Noel Piper puts it, “It is a time for turning away from anything that has kept us from God and for turning or returning to him. It is a time to pray that God will renew our love for him and our dependence on him” (Treasuring God in our Traditions, p. 93).

It is a time we humble ourselves to see Jesus for who He really is…in all His majesty, glory, and infinite love and grace.

{a Lenten gathering}

During this season of Lent, when we’re all a little more aware of our own sojourning, I’m having a little gathering.

Each Wednesday of Lent, I’ll host a little link-up where you can share your thoughts, reflections, struggles, hope, and perspective of this Lenten season.

My hope is this Lenten gathering becomes a place where we not only meet each other and become more united as this One Body of Christ, but that each of our unique perspectives, voice, and journey will enlarge our vision of Christ.

I hope you’ll join in the community of faith as we journey together in purpose, worship, and humility as we come to the crux of our faith—Christ crucified  and Him risen.

If you’d like to join in this Lenten gathering, perhaps you’d like to share and spread the word with a button?


Resources for Lent

Contemplating the Cross: A 40-Day Pilgrimage of Prayer – You can find the devotionals for free on the author’s site. Tricia also has a section with different ideas on observing Lent. (This is the devotional I’ll be reading again.)

CRI/Voice Institute: The Season of Lent – Gives a brief history of lent, practices, and lenten readings.

The Passion of Jesus Christ – Another good devotional for Lent. John Piper shares 50 reasons why Jesus came to die.

Celebrating Holy Week – Different ideas to help celebrate a more meaningful and purposeful Holy Week.

Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper

Intentionally Celebrating Lent & Easter as a Family from Passionate Homemaking


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