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You're Already Amazing {a review}

It was somewhere in the chapter on the Promised Land and waiting for the Lord I realized I wouldn’t be able to speed read You’re Already Amazing.

It’s an easy read, a good message. My plan was to read it through quickly for review and then read it again processing the little nudgings I felt in my soul.

But it’s hard to speed past the Lord saying, Dwell on this. Settle here. Take this in.

You’re Already Amazing is like sitting down with a friend, a counselor, and life coach.

It’s hearing the truth you need mixed with practical exercises and action steps to help you understand more of who you are, how you got there, and where you’re going.

It’s not self-help. It’s not Christian pop. It’s looking at who you are and who you were made to be through the lenses of Jesus. Yes, we’re amazing, but only because God has made us so. We can’t conjure up this kind of goodness ourselves.

You’ll be prompted and prodded to evaluate your life, challenged in your obedience, and encouraged to be the woman God’s calling you to be.

While Gerth occasionally uses the “hey, girlfriend” style (which is not something I typically enjoy), her message is strong and clear. She’s speaking to the heart of women–the fear, inadequacy, broken dreams–and calling us to embrace who God has called us to be and to walk in courage in the freedom He’s given us to pursue that calling.

Because we each have a purpose, a gift, and a Father who loves us more than we can imagine. And, as I dwell on that, it is probably the hardest truth to accept.

Because His pure love is a freeing love that should incite courage, passion, and trust in our hearts.

It should make us rise up and follow in obedience knowing that He is safe and good and holds our best interests at heart.

{And, yet, I still struggle with the love of God. Something so free, so wide still feels vulnerable. Safe, but not quite. Musings for another day.}

A few of my favorite quotes, thus far:

Love all. Please One.

God’s heart is the place where “woman” began, and though we may look elsewhere, it is still the  place where we (as women) find who we are in the end.

When we limit our negative emotions, we limit our capacity to experience positive ones too.

The Israelites having those emotions in the desert wasn’t the issue. It was that they chose to obey their fear rather than God’s command. At the end of the day, we’ve got to listen to and follow God’s Spirit more than our own hearts.

God wants us to understand who he created us to be so that we can fulfill the purpose he has for our lives.

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{DaySpring has been kind enough to share You’re Already Amazing with me for review, but the opinions expressed are all mine.}