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author ● sojourner ● mother artist

Weekend Wanderings {vol. 1}

I’ve been wanting to start weekend wanderings for awhile now and finally remembered to do it. So here’s a few things I’ve enjoyed this week.


It took hearing two or three people rave about Sherlock before I actually watched it, but one late night with Olivia found me perusing Netflix. It’s good. Makes me miss London and is great visually.

It makes me want to pick up a volume of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I read one of his Sherlock stories waaaaay back in the day (so far back in the day I don’t even remember which one).

I’ve been rewatching some of my favorite chick flicks since Olivia was born. This week I pulled out Ever After, which after watching again I have to say is the best adaptation of Cinderella ever. A brown-haired heroine who loves books and gets to wear wings? What’s not to love about that!

I first saw Ever After when I was 15 or 16 and the scene where Danielle walks into the ball with the wings, I said, “That’s the music I’m going to walk down the aisle to.” And I did. (The song is called Danielle’s Wings and the whole album makes for good writing music.)


Paleo Beef Stew. We’ve made this twice in the last few weeks and it’s really good. Makes for a nice fall meal.


As we’re getting closer to the Christmas season, I keep having this lyric run through my head over and over.

Peace Peace it’s hard to find
trouble comes like wrecking ball
to your peace of mind
and all that worry you can’t leave behind

all your hopes and fears
are met in Him tonight

Peace Peace, Sara Groves

for laughs…

My husband found this on Google+ and shared it with me.

“Stop says the red light, go says the green
Wait says the yellow light, twinkling in between


A Letter from a Fledgling Artist {on art & vulnerability} from Annie at Be Small Studios

You may see an acorn, and the words Be Small, but I see a heart-cry for meekness in the midst of all my striving and ugly arrogance.

To all the heroes – yes you, the ones up to your elbows in ordinary from Lisa Jo at The Gypsy Mama

Most heroes I know are so ordinary we wouldn’t give them a second glance in the check out line. They reek of homework and figuring out the taxes and how to squeeze a date night into another crazy week of car pool and sports and getting one more stain out of the carpet.

the importance of trying from Rachel at finding joy

Our kids need to be taught to keep trying, to keep pushing, to keep believing in dreams that often don’t even seem possible. Of course we can chat about options, strategies, realities, and ways to implement. We can embrace their dream and help them figure out ways to make it become a reality.  Just don’t stop and squash the dream or the need to try when it’s new and fresh.

Let them invent. Create. Make a mess. Fail. Succeed. Keep trying.



“What is she doing?”


“Can anything be done about it?”

 – Becoming Jane

for this week…

This week I’m starting a 2-week series (minus Thanksgiving) on cultivating a home and heart for Christmas with more joy and less stress. I’d love for you to join A Joy-Filled Christmas with me.

Where have you wandered this week?