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Staying True to Your Voice & Calling

Last week I shared my blogging woes and how I wasn’t quite sure where I fit. I didn’t expect many people to read it and hoped it didn’t come off as “woe is me” drivel. While waiting for my husband to get home from a meeting, I had been scrolling the internets (as we call it in our house) pinning ‘pinnable’ posts on improving my blog when I noticed a familiar feeling.

As I looked at the brightly colored icons and perfectly proportioned layouts, I slowly realized reading all these posts on how to brand myself and make my blog better was also shortening my breath and sending a small wave of panic through my body. And I just started writing.

After reading your comments, I thought,

What would it be if we all let our words be our words?

If we let that still, small voice we carry within us roar?

How free would our souls feel if we quit doubting ourselves and just stayed in that small, steady place Jesus has called us to? What freedom, what beauty and contentment we’d have!

Instead, time after time I’ve let strangers with their bland advice suck me in with their promises. “You too can be just like me! How to…” Lists and have-to’s and metrics they all ring like law in these {recovering} perfectionists ears. Because isn’t that what a perfectionist wants? I want a list to tell me how to do it right, to tell me how to be made perfect, to be liked and loved. I want a step-by-step guide on penning the perfect words and how to make the big, wide world of blogging love me.

At least I think I want it. But what I really want is to be happy. And the law, these blogging “rules”…they don’t make me happy. It turns Isaiah 61, a proclamation of freedom and restoration, into the Israelites walking in chains to Babylon.

Oh, how they thought they were getting what they wanted. They were sure a king was a good idea. It would make them more like their neighbors and we all want to be like our neighbors, right? We all want, in some way, to be like the cool kids. So they got their kings and their wars and their murders and finally their exile.

We don’t want the exile. No, not at all. But sometimes it’d be nice to tell God to do things our way and have them work out. But He knows…he knows.

Your comments encouraged me and reminded me over and over that it is okay to be a (I shudder at the term) “small blogger.” And so, if you’re one of those who, like me, find the allure of fame a little too alluring, this is for you.

To the one who’s unsure if their voice makes a difference,

To the one who’s ready to close the laptop and quit,

To the one who’s trying with every fiber of your being to do it “right,”

Stay True.

Be the fresh air in the loud city.

Be the small voice resounding Truth.

Be the one who stays faithful to your calling.

You have encouraged and reminded me even though there are times I desire the allure and opportunities of fame that is not why I write. It is not why I was called to write. God is bigger and His plans are greater than what the internet has to offer.

I was called to be obedient. To be a light in the dark, to give grace to those who hear, to share words and truth impressed on this sojourner’s heart.

I still don’t have the complete answer of why I write or how it should look. I do know I will only be happy, I will only thoroughly enjoy what I do, when I release my success and pleasure from the world’s law and into Jesus’ hands.

It’s not easy, but it’s good.



10 thoughts on “Staying True to Your Voice & Calling”

    • Thanks, Jessica, for being such a faithful encourager. I do appreciate seeing your little avatar pop up every now and then.

  • Wow girl, you just may have accomplished the (what I thought was) impossible: inducing me to begin blogging again.

    I loved your previous post so much and I think I loved this one even more 😉

    • I’ve always wanted to go to Story Chicago! When my brother lived there for a year and we were still in Louisville his apartment was only a block away from the venue. With Joe working and finding someone to take the kids it just didn’t work out. Maybe one day.

      And Kamille, you’re always an encouragement to me…very grounding & reminding me not to follow the crowd. You’re a blessing, friend.

  • Hi Jessica, I’ve just been invited to get to know you by Twitter suggestion – ha ha! Curiosity got the better of me so I hopped over to take a look. So glad I did. This is a breath of fresh air and a confirmation to me too. I have been blogging about some really personal stuff recently and wondering if I should. Yet the desire to do so stemmed from wanting to be real, open, transparent, true to the life I am living and the calling God has given me. Your words here reflect the same processes of seeking to be authentic and not get sucked into doing things the way others suggest if they don’t fit who we are and our unique voice.
    Thank you for giving me the confirmation to keep on keeping it real. Isaiah 61 is also one of my favourite bible passages and I loved seeing those verses here. God bless you 🙂

    • Joy, I’m glad you were encouraged…the more bloggers/writers/people who stay true to what God’s called the to do {whatever that may be} the better.

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