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author ● sojourner ● mother artist

Chasing Blue Skies

I felt a bit like Marianne today. The sky has been dark and gray for days and then, this morning while the boys were running circles in our small living room yelling like banshees and Olivia whimpering to be held or fed or both, I caught a glimpse of the sky.

The window matted bleak, puffy clouds, but up–right there in the corner, a bit of spring blue wrestled to burst forth.

“There’s some blue sky! Let us chase it!”

My mind ran to the very grown-up to do list I had outlined for my day: schedule an appointment for the van, laundry, preapproval letter, contact the realtor, teach these kids something, abide, make it through the day without losing my head. As tempting as blue sky is it would have to wait. There were grown-up things to be done.

Somewhere in the crazy my mom called and in the cacophony of attempting to hush these youngins so I could make heads or tails of what she was saying she suggested taking them outside. Before I could rattle off my to do list, she interrupted me, “Oh, I know it’s not always easy, but it’ll help them burn so energy off. It doesn’t have to be all day. It’ll be good for you.”

I hung up the phone. With the blue sky lingering over me, I reluctantly got everyone ready and fed the baby before we headed out the door, while scenarios of the many ways this could go wrong played through my head. After we were coated, booted, and wigs warmed, we started off on our adventure.

{to my boys everything is an adventure}

Turning the corner in front of the house, the bit of blue stretched wide its aching arms and waved. I laughed.

And then I laughed at myself for laughing at the blue sky.

{isn’t that how joy comes? like a surprise. Wasn’t C.S. Lewis surprised by joy? And how does Ann count her thanks but in joy?}

When you’re Sense sometimes you just have to throw caution {or well-laid plans} to the wind and follow Sensibility across the muddy hills. Even if it means getting wet.

Today we chased blue sky. We got stuck in mud puddles and hunted down bandits. We saw our stagnant creek bubble and trickle. We listened to bull frogs and splashed our clothes wet. We glimpsed a hint of spring. Some of us even sat right down in it all.

And we laughed.

Oh, it was a bit of Mary Lennox and the magic of secrets and a bit of earth. And it was a bit of Marianne’s hopeless romance even in her brokenheartedness. If only for an hour, my tired mama-dreamer soul smelled hope and joy and the blaring adventure only children conjure.

There is hope in the living and breathing and the chasing after blue skies.


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  • We have a bit of cabin fever over here, many snowstorm and colds spell keep us safe and sounds indoor… but we are longing for spring for outdoor adventure.

    Thank you for a reminder that we can always chase blue skies!

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