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author ● sojourner ● mother artist

Weekend Wanderings {vol. 2}


Only one of favorite chick flicks. If you like whimsy, then Penelope’s for you. I wouldn’t mind Penelope’s wardrobe. {also featuring Mr. Tumnus with his shirt on and Mr. Bingley as a bad guy.}


I’ve been listening to The Lumineers whenever my computer’s open. It’s simple, good for the soul, happy music.

{and this video makes me want to hang twinkling lights and roses from my ceiling}

And a live set…

A YouTuber left this comment: “Lumineers: aka woody harrelson, marion cotillard, and cary elwes” So true.


John 15 and 1 John are where I flip to when I don’t know what to read…or when I need a good reminding I’m not meant to live in my own strength. {honestly…that’s every day} But the last few weeks I’ve been thinking on a series I wrote awhile back and this,

Trusting God means in the midst of the crazy I can remain sane.

I just have to let go.

be okay with not

having control




Simplicity Parenting is a book I’ve been wanting to read for a few years and finally got around to checking it out from the library. I’ve haven’t gotten to far into it (time mostly). I know it’ll be a challenge to implement, but will probably {hopefully} be healthier for our family.

I finished reading Love & Logic last week. Really good and very practical (unlike most parenting books), but still no magic pill. Sometimes I wish…


Cath is an accessory around these parts. Even the jamies.

It all started with desktop wallpaper. And then, not long before I went to London last year, I discovered Cath Kidston made all sorts of goodies. When we went to Winchester to visit Jane, I got to peruse in the magical world of Cath Kidston. Seriously. This was the stuff dreams are made of. Vintage-esque, kitchsy, bright, with a bit of shabby chic.

My mug and a skirt and dress came home with me, though I would’ve loved to take the whole store.

Stripes & florals is where it’s at! I have a mild love affair with stripes (particularly blue) and polka dots to the point my stylist (aka my sister) has banned me from buying anything striped or polka dotted.

{still taking pictures in mirrors…me and my fancy phone}

Where have you been wandering lately?



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