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What Real Success Looks Like {allume}

If your blog changes lives, what does that mean? And what if it doesn’t? If your writing attracts hundreds upon hundreds of readers, what does that make you? And what if only your best friend stops by? If you raise hearts or incite lengthy comments, what does that measure? And if you don’t, is your success any less?

I’ve been the long-time blogger asking why I write unsure of myplace in this blogging world. And I’ve resolved to stay true to my voice and calling even though I’m unsure what that looks like.

But this one, this one has been pruned into me and the cutting is still fresh. I still struggle to believe this is what faithfulness looks like, I am resolved to know it.

Today I’m over at Allume talking about the only true success. Join me?



3 thoughts on “What Real Success Looks Like {allume}”

  • Jessica,

    I read your thought-provoking post about blogging over at Allume, and then spent some more time over here this morning. I’m really glad you’ve stayed the course, even though “success” has perhaps looked different than you might have hoped. You’ve got a really beautiful thing going on here, and I suspect you’ve encouraged a great many people in this place over the years. Press on. You truly SHINE for the Kingdom. (And, weird fact, but there’s a part of me that wants to keep typing words into this little comment box here because I absolutely love this font!)

    ~ Jennifer Dukes Lee

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