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I’m with Lincoln. {the exodus road}

The Exodus Road - Lincoln Quote

What is tragic is so many turn an eye to slavery, particularly sex trafficking. It’s not their problem. It’s not in their neighborhood. It’s not a real problem, just runaways who need money. No. It’s much bigger and more complex.

But even if sex trafficking isn’t on your street or you can’t see it in your city, wouldn’t you want to help fight for the helpless, the imprisoned, the desolate? What if 150 years from now your great-great-great-grandchildren could look back and say, “My grandparents helped to abolish sex trafficking.”

Don’t let the largeness of the issue keep you from action. These aren’t numbers and statistics. They are people with faces…daughters, sisters, mothers.

There is something you can do.

{This  video contains images not suitable for children.}

150 years ago, Lincoln freed the slaves. Today, however, there are more slaves on our watch than at any other time in human history. Let’s be the Lincoln to our generation.

Check out the producers of this video, MadeinaFreeWorld, and their campaign to take slavery issues to congress or visit The Exodus Road today. Consider subscribing to the newsletters from these two organizations, so you can stay informed of the issue and can be given action steps for becoming a modern day abolitionist.

I’m with Lincoln. You?


Interested in helping the fight against trafficking? Visit I’m with Lincoln and send an email to your senator requesting to double funds to fight human trafficking. They make it easy. Click your state and your senator’s name pops up and then even have a prepared letter. In just a few clicks you can help make a difference.

Keep up with the fight with The Exodus Road on Facebook (like their page & spread the word!). A team is gearing up this week for a large scale raid in India, covering 7-8 brothels with 30+ victims, please pray for the team that all would go smoothly and for those to be rescued.

…what does the Lord require of you?

But to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8



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