A Peek into Something Coming

Thoughts and plans, words and ideas are all stirring within me, simmering a bit on the back burner. I hope to share them soon, but there are patches in need of seasoning and the meat is not quite tender. But soon these ruminations of beauty and life and Jesus will find there way here. Beauty isn't perfect. @ The Reluctant Sojourner I was reading through last week’s inspiration and wanting to publish it, feeling that need to get it out even though I know it’s not ready…I’m not ready and my family needs tending to, but I came across one portion I wanted to share.

Nothing fancy. Here goes:

There is so much hope to be had,

so much life to be lived,

so much to just. let. GO.

What do you need to let go of today?


How the Sea Speaks of Wholeness

How the Sea Speaks of Wholeness @ The Reluctant Sojourner

Last week my children and I joined my parents for an impromptu trip to the beach. It was a much needed break from the crazy everyday. We had lazy morning breakfasts and long days in the sun. It was laugh-out-loud joy to see my children embrace the ocean.

PicMonkey Collage

It’s wild and free and oh so glorious. The ocean is my reminder that I am alive. It’s strong, beautiful, and uncontrollable. It’s dangerous and yet it still teems with life and laughter.

One evening I took to the beach with just me and the kids, we walked along the shore picking up seashells, our bits of treasure, like vacationers do.

That’s when I found her.

How the Sea Speaks of Wholeness @ The Reluctant Sojourner

The chance is tiny, minuscule even, to remain whole, but in the face of the great and wide, monstrous ocean there she laid.

Through the thrashing of caps coming to meet the shore and the grating of the sand—even there, the tiniest of shells remains whole.

So often I feel broken. Broken beyond repair. Messed up. Screwed up. Too far gone for help. But if this little shell, so fragile, created by the Vast and Majestic God who sees me can make it to the shore fully in tact, then surely He who holds me in the palm of his hand can make me whole.

Even through the tumults of life there’s a chance to be whole. There’s a chance of hope.

There's a chance to be whole. There's a chance of hope. I The Reluctant Sojourner

Even through the crashing, salty depths and the whipping wind His hand is there reminding me we are at peace. I am reconciled. I am being made whole. And He will never leave me.