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author ● sojourner ● mother artist

Find Your Voice {#31Days}

Among the crazy and not-so-crazy bloggers, October is affectionately known as #31Days. That time of year hundreds of bloggers hunker down to scribble daily on the same topic and share it every day. The last two years I’ve written on the battle for significance and sojourning.

So what will it be this year?

31 Days to Find Your Voice  - 31 Days to Becoming a Freer, Better Writer

Yay! Not only is writing one of my favorite things to do, but it’s also one of my favorite things to talk about. And there’s really no end to how much or how many tangents you can take when it comes to talking about writing.

Here’s to being superfluous!

October 1st is just a few days away, so what can you expect from Find Your Voice?

  • Tidbits and inspiration that will (hopefully) provoke, encouragement, and unravel the writer in
  • daily writing prompts
  • my favorite books on writing
  • awesome quotes from writers big and small
  • a weekly flash fiction (or flash non-fiction) prompt

We’ll tackle the internal editor, the urge to publish every word we write (should we?), and challenge ourselves to commit to writing for at least 21 days in a row. (Don’t fret at the thought of writing every day for 21 days! There’s no limit or requirement to how much you write.) 

Oh, fear. He’s a stellar enemy. Don’t let him hold you down. We’ll kick fear in the face over and over and over until he gets the message.

Got it? Good.

It’s time to break through the fear (we all have it) and excuses (we all have those too), dust off those dreams and stories and that turn of phrase you’ve been holding for safekeeping and put it all on paper!

Join me? It’ll be an adventure.

31 Days to Find Your Voice - Becoming a freer, better writer

Day 1 – What if I’m not a writer?

Day 2 – Breaking Through Fear

Day 3 – The ‘Why’ of Write

Day 4 – Flash Fiction Friday!

Day 5 – The Best Books for Writers

Day 6 – Freeing the Internal Editor

Day 7 – The Problem with Writing in a Publishing World

Day 8 – When the Muse Doesn’t Come

Day 9 – Am I Really a Writer? 

Day 10 – Flash Fiction Friday!

Day 11 – What Harry Potter Taught Me About Writing

Day 12 – The Risk of Failure 

Day 13 – The Allure of the Success Formula

Day 14 –  Don’t Fear the Edits

Day 15 – What If It’s Not Good?

Day 16 – Flash Fiction Friday!

Day 17 – Authors, Agents, & Writers to Follow

Day 18 –  Be Yourself. Seriously.

Day 19 – Everything is Writable

Day 20 – Three Words

Day 21 – Filling Out Your 3 Words

Day 22 – Flash Fiction Friday!

Day 23 – What My Children Taught Me About Writing

Day 24 – The Faulty Lie of “Arrived”

Day 25 – Tell a Story. Yours.

Day 26 – The Many Seasons of Writing

Day 27 – Welcome to the Journey.


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