What if it’s not good? {day 15}

31 Days to Find Your Voice - It didn't have to be great Quote

What if it’s not good? What if my writing is horrible?

We all ask these questions at some point. We all can grow and be stretched and learn to embrace the edits of writing, but at some point we have to stop asking this question.

You ask, “What if it’s not good?” Still, you wonder and worry and wait.

If we continue to comeback and question our writing with doubt, anxiety–perhaps even fear–we will only stunt our writing.

Do you like it?

Do you enjoy it?

Do you sit back and smile when it’s done?

Then it’s good.

 31 Days to Find Your Voice

Do you struggle with your work being good enough?

With being good at all? Do you have a hard time enjoying your work? Explore this. Set the timer and write for 5 minutes.

Become a freer, better writer.

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