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author ● sojourner ● mother artist

A Promise for Christmas Eve

During this Advent season my family has been receiving letters from Traveler, a pilgrim on his way to Zion. This is our last letter from him before Christmas. A promise of Advent for Christmas Eve.


The way is long. I’d grow weary and despairing if I knew not Christ is my prize. The waiting is hard. We know not when he comes, but until he does we will travel on.

Endure, my good friends. Long for the end to come. There is hope in the darkest night, because God is good and his presence is never far off.

Though there be mourning, there will be dancing. Though there be evil, there will be justice.

Though there be hunger and thirst, there will be satisfaction overflowing. Though there be pain and suffering, there will be wholeness and healing.

Though there be toil, there will be rest. Though there be darkness, there will be light.

Watch for the light. We know not the hour or the day he is coming. But we know, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, because His promises are sure and good, that he is coming.

Praise God in the sun and in the rain, giving thanks in all circumstances. Hold fast to the faith.


We go, like our forefathers and the saints before us, not knowing where, trusting in the promise made in the stars. We stand in a hope that is sure, in a colossal, unfading, unbreakable love.

From where I sit, I see the light of Kingdom come. It’s breaking forth across the horizon. Embers of sky aglow. I see it! Zion within my grasp!

O tired pilgrim, do not yet give up hope. He is coming, for now we toil, but one day the trumpet will sound and He will come riding on the clouds.

Home is on the horizon. He is coming, for now we wait.

Beseech and pray, for he is coming.

Your faithful friend and pilgrim,


God has given no pledge which He will not redeem, and encouraged no hope which He will not fulfill.”

Charles Spurgeon


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