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author ● sojourner ● mother artist

For When You’re Disillusioned With Christmas


Christmas isn’t about the tree or the gifts or decorating cookies, or even the candle light service. In the grand scheme of things, celebrating Christmas isn’t even important.

It’s one day amid thousands. There’s nothing magical or holy about December 25th. If you’re feeling disconnected from what Christmas is “supposed to” feel like, then maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe you’re seeing through the shiny, plastic veneer and realizing everyday belongs to God and the miracle of the incarnation of Christ is not meant for one day a year.

Maybe you’re seeing all the Christian books and activities as one more distraction, one more commercialization of Christ.

Maybe you’re seeing all the pomp and circumstance, all the frills and trimming and struck by the contrast of Christ’s humble beginning.

Maybe you’re noticing the way we celebrate Christmas is more about our comforts, than Christ.

Maybe you’re ready to walk away from it all…turn your back on Christmas.

Take heart, you haven’t failed the test, you’re not a “bad” Christian. Maybe you’re realizing who you really are…a sojourner, exile, stranger in a foreign land.

Maybe, instead of feeling bad about not being “in the Christmas spirit,” you need to be reminded that you’re part of a royal priesthood and God is not “overlooking your work in the love that you have shown for his name and serving the saints” (Heb. 6:10).

Maybe this Christmas dissatisfaction, this Christmas disillusionment, is producing in you a patient faith. And that is worth more than all the twinkly lights and heartwarming traditions.

Because Christmas is really about our God born flesh who dwelt among us, lived a perfect life to become the ransom for our sins, and rose from the dead. So, if you keep the stockings packed in the attic, that’s fine.

Jesus has come and he is coming again. All the trimmings can be left behind. Hold fast, faithful and true.


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