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3 Quick Writing Tips

3 Quick Writing Tips

Sometimes it feels impossible to write–time, energy, interruptions, a frustrated sense of creativity. It happens to us all. Whether we’ve lagged in our writing rhythms or feel so spent mentally, emotionally, or physically (or all three!) that we can’t strung a coherent sentence together and every attempt feels like, “See Jane run.”

Here are my three quick tips for writing when I want to write, but feel stumped:

1. If I don’t feel like writing, but want to have written I set a timer for 30 minutes and just write.

If I only get 200 words in, that’s fine and I walk away. But I often find just doing the work jumpstarts the words.

2. Go analog.

If I’m struggling with a scene or thought I’ll often draft potential thoughts, dialogue, or ideas (“what if…?” questions are gold mines) with pen and paper. There’s something about the brain and hand connection that opens up a vein.

3. Take a break.

Get outside. Punch the air. Throw yourself a dance party. Do something physical or grounding. (I like pulling weeds. 🌱) We’re more than intellectual creatures. I believe, sometimes when we’re feeling a creative block, getting up and physically doing something allows different parts of our brain a break and we can work out problems in our subconscious. (There’s probably some real science and proper terminology around this idea, but you get the point.)

There you go! Three quick tips for writing when it feels lagging.

What are your quick writing tips?