author ● sojourner ● mother artist

author ● sojourner ● mother artist



I’m Jessica, a common name wrapped in the wealth of grace.

I’m on my way home. . .a bit reluctant on the journey.

There are days I long for the Kingdom where there is no light, yet darkness is absent; and there are days when my grip is strong and firm on the comforts of this world.

I’m a proclaimer, ambassador, a daughter of the King.

I muddle between the seen and the unseen. There is a Kingdom out there. I know it. I struggle to breathe it in, though it is stronger than steel and richer than gold where living waters flow; to be present in the here and now aware of this heavenly realm.

I’m a dreamer, a writer, a compassion-learner.

I have my battle scars. I’ve been hurt on this journey. I’ve lost and loved and have been found. Redemption’s called. Fall comes and winter brings its dark shadow, stealing the brightest of hope.

But, oh…a flicker remains.

I’m a redemption receiver, free spirit, life breather.

And even though my heart hurts with pain and doubt and the weight of humanity, I know spring is coming and hope is full.

I’m a freedom pursuer, truth seeker, injustice slinger.

I’ve been quite the nomad. Growing up in the Marine Corps will do that to you. My roots are temporary, but I hope there’ll be a day when I can unpack the boxes and know they won’t be coming back. But God might have other plans.

I am a Sojourner.

My family has settled in upstate South Carolina on the rocks among the red dirt clay.

I share this crazy-mundane adventure with my husband (Joe), our two boys (Joey and Otto), and our sweetheart, Olivia Jane.


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  • So nice to meet you! Moving is so tough and we have moved so many times! It has just been so hard to leave my church this time around. We were there 7 years and we had babies together and really lived life together. I miss it so much my heart hurts. I have enjoyed poking around your blog tonight. I look forward to reading more from you! Where in SC are you located? I grew up in Lancaster, SC until I was 6.

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