Hi. I’m Jess.

 Writer. Dreamer. Sojourner. Truth Seeker. Lumbee. Book Advocate. Flower Crown Weaver. Tea Drinker. Purveyor of Fairy Tales.

Jesslyn is a lover of stories, wearer of flower crowns, and still believes in magic. She writes for the girl who never grew up, for the one wondering if hope is a joke (she’s been there too), and the one who still dreams of being a mermaid when she grows up.

She writes for people who aren’t afraid to look for hope in strange places–haunted woods, myths, and family secrets. She finds inspiration in the truth that every thing, every person, every happenstance and history has it’s own story.

Jesslyn is a bit of a sojourner and sometimes a reluctant one. Having grown-up in the Marine Corps, her childhood was formed by the different states and countries she lived and visited, inspiring a lifelong wanderlust. She’s a bi-racial Native American (Lumbee), a disciple of Christ, pastor’s wife, homeschooler, and creative mom–meaning she often finds herself in the spaces between worlds. Her characters often find themselves there too…a concoction of longing, becoming, and sojourning.

When her head’s not stuck in a book or following rabbit trails of possible plot lines, she’s busy building a life with her husband, mothering and homeschooling their four children, and ever so slowly renovating their 1917 farmhouse.

She loves Midsummer, big earrings (especially her native beads), fairy tales, cosplay, flowers, homespun lore, and good Southern food (collards + cornbread, y’all). 


  1. So nice to meet you! Moving is so tough and we have moved so many times! It has just been so hard to leave my church this time around. We were there 7 years and we had babies together and really lived life together. I miss it so much my heart hurts. I have enjoyed poking around your blog tonight. I look forward to reading more from you! Where in SC are you located? I grew up in Lancaster, SC until I was 6.

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