Advent-Simple & Humble

Advent-Simple & Humble

It’s a humble book. So small it’s title can’t fit on the spine. Every time I open it I think of how I could’ve formatted it differently or switched the fonts. And, maybe, one too many commas. But none of that really matters.

This book holds a piece of my heart and my story. It’s written from and for the heart of Advent, a longing for wholeness and hope amidst a season of darkness and despair. It’s clinging to the light under the door, around the cracks and saying, “Yes, there is a bit of hope left.”

It’s written from a place of wanting to step into the Advent season–the longing mixed with despair and hopeful expectation, but in a way that doesn’t ask much. There are only four readings a week. No long passages of Scripture to read, no tracing the whole canon, no daily crafts or activities or to do lists. 

Journey is a letter from one traveler to another. It’s for those looking for a bit of hope, a reprieve from a world that seems constant and at the same time distant. It’s a call from the saints of old, those who rest in Glorious Light, a reverberation of their hopes and fears in hymns, poems, and psalms.

It’s a simple book for a simple Advent.

It’s a pocket of letters to remind sojourners of who we are and where we’re going.

It’s a call to hope and fear, to rest and rejoice, to work and walk.

It’s for you, dear pilgrim, that you may continue to carry the light–

in your heart, 

in your home, 

in every place your feet tread, 

may you scatter the darkness.

“Take the light with you and let this blazing fire shine in your heart until it fills your whole life.” 

Buy Journey to take as you travel through Advent this season.

This year Advent begins on Sunday, November 29th.