Journey: Advent for Sojourners

Take a journey this Advent season.

One dark, cold November evening there was a knock at our door. On the front stoop was an old suitcase with a note attached. It read,

Friends, I am sorry I could not stay to greet you. I must travel on before night falls. The letters in the box will explain everything. You will hear from me soon. He is coming. So be it, amen. – Traveler

Journey: Advent Letters for Sojourners

Experience Advent through the letters of a sojourner traveling through life exploring its joys and sorrows, while hoping and yearning for Christ’s second coming when all will be made new.

Through a series of letters, hymns, poems, and scripture, your family can journey through Advent reminded that this world is not our home, as we prepare our hearts for the Christmas season and long for Christ to come again.

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