The Sea & All Its Stars

“The sea stole my past and my future.”

A nereid longs for the glory days happens upon a sailor struggling under the weight of family legacy. They create their own haven, but when their worlds collide the secrets of monsters and men twist, revealing pasts that may be better left hidden.

Synopsis: As a Nereid serving in the Sea King’s court, Thaleia can’t help but feel that something is out of place at the bottom of the sea. When Poseidon sets his eyes on her as his next wife, she knows she must flee or be chained to the volatile god forever. But when she upsets Poseidon’s plan by saving the life of a mortal, Thaleia’s existence–and that of those she loves–is in danger. Making a vow that will cost her more than she realizes, Thaleia finds herself living among mortals. As she falls in love with the world above the sea, as well as Leander the mortal she saved, the waters below are stirring in revenge. The choices the young lovers make bring tempests of their own, revealing the secrets of gods and man, and mysteries of the past that may be safer kept hidden. Thaleia and Leander must chart their own course, suffering the consequences, and decide whether their love is worth upsetting the peace between the gods and mortals as Thaleia decides which world does she truly belong.

Want to read more? Check out story snippets, behind the scenes, my writing process, and pictures from my research trip in #theseaandallitsstars.

Status: Developmental Edits

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