Dear Writer, On Writing

Dear Writer, Don’t Despise Slow

Dear Writer, Don’t Despise Slow

Dear Writer,

Sometimes it seems everyone is blooming but you. You look out and see writers getting agents, books acquired, manuscript requests, on writing retreats, finishing drafts, and sending work off to editors while you scroll behind the screen.

Maybe it’s the enemies of time or fear that feeds the “everyone but me” lie. Or, perhaps it’s a colossal list of “what if” and “should have” that block your forward momentum.

Maybe you’re still moving, but





Painfully slow and you wonder if you made a mistake somewhere along the way and slow is your punishment, proof of lack.

Let me tell you something, lean in–

Slow is not a four-letter word.

Slow is not sloth.

Slow is not depreciation of value.

You don’t have to fear slow progress.

We don’t have to fear slow progress.

Go slow–grow slow.

Run if you need to, run if that’s where you are, but know your pace and don’t be afraid of the time it takes to craft and create.

We’re not only creating stories and worlds, we’re creating and crafting ourselves in the process.

Slow is time.

Slow is cultivating.

Slow is pruning.

Slow is comprehension.

Slow is discovery.

Dear writer, don’t despise slow work.