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Everyday Creativity

Everyday Creativity

Creativity has many looks and I wholeheartedly believe everyone can be creative. Sometimes we have to change what we think of as being creative or an artist.

Creativity comes with the humble willingness to try something new, to experiment, to consider things through a different lens.

Creativity doesn’t just belong to painters, writers, photographers, musicians, chefs–we all have the ability to create and make art. 

This list of prompts may not, necessarily, seem like ways to be creative, but creativity blossoms and blooms through work–the physicality of moving our bodies and engaging with the natural world and trying new things forcing our brain synapses to make different connections. 

Engaging in creative acts helps to support mental health, alleviate depression, boosts the immune system, and aids in problem solving. The benefits of creativity on the mind, body, and spirit are too numerous to mention them all, so go and create!

Creative Acts for Everyday:

  • Start or revive morning pages. Journal 1-3 pages first thing in the morning, stream of consciousness.  (See Julia Cameron’s “Morning Pages”)
  • Set one screen free day a week 
  • Limit your screen/social media hours a day
  • Read a poem aloud
  • Write a poem
  • Lay down and listen to a song in stillness
  • Make your own mixed drink for summer
  • Find a place in your town you’ve never been and go!
  • Try your hand at embroidery
  • Organize your books by color
  • Make a flower crown
  • Think of a way to surprise a friend
  • Learn a dance move on YouTube
  • Take a walk
  • If you’re a writer, go analog for a few days
  • Rearrange the furniture in a room
  • Make an old school collage with magazine clippings
  • If you’re an artist, experiment with a different medium
  • Make a nature mosaic
  • Work on hand lettering
  • Cook a regional recipe
  • Plan a road trip, even if you can’t yet go
  • Make a floral arrangement

Aim to create daily…big or small ways.

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