A Joy-Filled Christmas

It’s not even November and I’m already hearing women stress about Christmas.

“Don’t tell me it’s only 8 Wednesdays until Christmas!”

“How am I going to fly with presents this year?”

“I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done.”

“Ugh! Christmas. Don’t even talk to me about it.”

If you’re struggling with the weight of what the world says Christmas should be or you’re overflowing with excitement of all you could do, can I just remind you,

It doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to do it all.

This Christmas let’s choose more joy and less stress. Loosen the expectations, cut the lists in half, simplify the projects, and just enjoy. Seek to create intentional time being instead of doing. Celebrate the season with room to breathe. Remember, Christmas isn’t contingent on gifts or crafts or fun activities or exquisitely coordinated outfits.

You’re not making less of Christ’s birth if you don’t follow the Pinterest trends.

There’s so much we can get caught up in at Christmas time, but Christmas is really about our joy being filled up in Christ.

Here’s my invitation to you:

A Joy-Filled Christmas: Planning Christmas with More Joy & Less Stress

This Christmas join me in letting go of what distracts us from Christ-joy and being present with our families and instead pursue joy in the birth of our Messiah.

Let’s do this together.

Me and you. Because believe me, I’ll need a few good reminders when sleigh bells start ringing in the distance.

We’ll encourage one another. Bounce ideas off each other and swap traditions. We’ll gently remind each other the purpose of the season isn’t more stuff and a packed calendar, but celebrating a Birth that brought us peace.

A Joy-Filled Christmas is about intentionally planning our Christmas season to best fit our family’s priorities, traditions, and season of life. We’re not looking to do it all and please everyone we know. We want to do what works for us, this year. We’re aiming to be at peace…to sit back with hot cocoa in hand and smile at the joy.

A Joy-Filled Christmas

Why a Joy-Filled Christmas?

Five Ways to Simplify Christmas

Simplify Your Christmas with Yearly Priorities

Examining Your Christmas Traditions

Loosening Christmas Expectations

Streamline Your Christmas Calender

Make a Breathable Christmas Plan

Enjoy the Christmas Season



7 thoughts on “A Joy-Filled Christmas

  1. Nice to “meet” you Jess – I’ve been following you on Pinterest for a while and enjoyed checking out your blog home! I think you’re so right about how stress-laden Christmas can become, distracting us from the glorious Truth that it really is all about.

  2. What a great reminder! Thank you for calling me to follow where Jesus has been leading my heart. He is using you to help people calm their hearts and really enjoy the season.

  3. YAY!!!!! I’m thrilled you are doing this and I am cheering you on every step of the way. And have I mentioned how glad I am that we are friends. I missed you at Allume … but I’m going to figure out a way to see you. One way or another. Love you, Jessica!

  4. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts! I did Truth in the Tinsel with Sadie last year and it was wonderful. It helped keep my heart focused on Jesus.

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