To Sojourn

I didn’t intend to join the 31 days challenge this year. I am quite pregnant (35 weeks), so there is a great likelihood I won’t write every day. Even when I began to think ‘Well, maybe…,’ I had a completely different topic in mind.

But…sojourning is my heart. It’s my life, the daily reality of my faith. And I realized I don’t write about it much, even though I titled my blog The Reluctant Sojourner.

For the month of October, I will attempt to write consistently, to share the heart of this sojourner…the journey, the trials and joys of two realm living, following a promise that can’t be seen, a citizenship etched in the heavens.


This Sojourner

I’m Jessica, a common name wrapped in the wealth of grace.

The daughter of two active duty Marines, I had a passport by the time I was a year old. I’ve lived in 5 states, 2 countries, 11 cities, and–I think–18 houses. {and counting} Life has always been a journey.

I’m a wanderer, a nomad, tied to no place in particular, but I am not lost.

I am a sojourner on my journey home.


I have no home, no permanent dwelling. No place to call home.

For years, this bothered me. It made me feel like I don’t fit in…that I’d never be like the others.

But this I know, long ago He spoke to me that this world is not my home. And this life of transition I’ve lived and continue to live is to be my constant reminder.

Don’t get comfortable here.

And yet, there are days I desperately want the settle down life.

I still battle discontent and calling.

But more than that?

I long for home.


This journey is as much yours as it is mine.

We’re all on a journey home, whether our physical address reflects that or not. We each have a story, a place the Lord is calling us to. Each a promise to be accomplished in Him.

We may not know what and it’s not always easy, but a life of faith is lived one day at a time and I am a reluctant sojourner.

Join me?


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