Where I’m From

Golden Birthday Collage1I am from pan-fried cornbread, fried bologna sandwiches after church, and spitting watermelon seeds off the back of Pawpaw’s red pick-up. I’m from Cheerwine (if you pronounced it right you’ve said it wrong) and humidity so thick it’ll make you humble.

I’m from stoic military housing and the wild forest behind Mawmaw’s. I’m from the taste of the ocean breeze and the land of the rising sun. I’m from the branches of dogwoods, the bustling blooms of azaleas, and the delicate sakura.

I am from the halls of Montezuma and the shores of Tripoli. I’m from the caretakers of the Lost Colony–the one’s who drove the KKK straight out of town. I’m from the Missouri Pugh’s and Dudley’s, pioneers who predecess America.

Golden Birthday Collage3

I am from honor, courage, and commitment. I’m from “get ‘er done” and “bless your heart.” I’m from “sign your name like you mean it” and “can’t never could do anything.” I’m from family secrets and dark journals.

I am from the sweet by and by and chariots swinging low. I’m from a one-room church and pews as old as revolution.

I’m from PCSing and TLF’s. I’m from wild, weather forecasting hair and beef stroganoff for dinner. I’m from cookie dough straight out of the bowl and fireflies at night. I’m from Forced Family Entertainment and a right-hand drive.

Golden Birthday Collage4I’m from adapt and overcome and stars in the sky. I’m from the people with no country to call their own, from walking in dark to see the light.

I am from lost and now found, from chained to set free, from harassed and helpless to whole and loved.

* * * * * *

I love seeing the Where I’m From posts that sprout up every now and then. Right now, SheLoves Magazine is hosting a Where I’m From synchroblog. Some start with this template if you need a jumping point.

So where are you from?


Welcome to The Reluctant Sojourner

I’m a wanderer, a nomad, tied to no place in particular, but I am not lost.

I am a sojourner on my journey home.

When God called Abraham out he met him with a promise, Abram would be the father of many, a blessing to nations. He had no specific calling, no earthly means to complete what God said would be done. But still he followed.

I’m as perfect as Abraham. I count the stars and think of the promises. I look at the stability of others and realize I don’t know what the tomorrows hold—will this be the last place I pitch my tent? When will the dreams and the plans unfold? When will this life stop being a journey and be the arrival, the place of the happening?

I don’t know if it will ever be.

I long for home. A place to call my own and dig roots down deep. But I sojourn.

Again and again I sojourn.  

This world offers so much…it tempts with its treasures, and it lacks…my heart is broken and it calls for home. I walk with a reluctance that wades from this world to the next.

This journey is as much yours as it is mine.

We’re all on a journey home, whether our physical address reflects that or not. We each have a story, a place the Lord is calling us to. Each a promise to be accomplished in Him. We may not know what and it’s not always easy, but a life of faith is lived one day at a time and I am a reluctant sojourner.

Will you join me? Share your reluctance, your path? Where are you setting up your tent these days?


Perhaps you have a few questions?

Why The Reluctant Sojourner?

I had been twirling the idea for The Reluctant Sojourner in my head for awhile, when at Relevant ’11 (now Allume) I finally paid attention to what makes me tear up. But to be honest, there are days I long for the completion of all things and the home where Jesus reigns and then there are days when I give into the things of this world. I flounder in my reluctance between both worlds.

What happened to Reflections of a Princess?

After 6 years of blogging at Reflections, it’s time to move on. I learned a lot about myself blogging there and it is definitely part of my journey, but I feel The Reluctant Sojourner encompasses more of who I am and where I’m headed.

How will this blog be different from the last? 

Like I said, Sojourner (as I affectionately call it) encompasses a bit more of who I am. It’ll focus on the spiritual journey of not knowing what’s next, but still living in the everyday with purpose, but it will also give me a chance (and you) to let my creative side breathe a bit more…to share what inspires me.

I’ll share my heart to right wrongs and my passion for the written word, and my oh-so elusive goal to live life simply. One day, right?